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Medievil meets Jak & Daxter in Pumpkin Jack !

 Pumpkin Jack is a single-player 3D platformer video game where you embody Jack, the mythical Pumpkin Lord.

Journey through a vast kingdom, fight monsters with your dazzling powers, and dive into an epic quest for the right to your own life !


Once upon a time, in the Boredom Kingdom, all things lived in peaceful coexistence, from humans to cute little bunny rabbits.
The world was free from war… hunger… fear… And it was boring. So very, VERY boring. So boring, in fact, that even the Devil found himself dreadfully bored. He dreamt of bloodshed! Lives torn asunder! Fire, brimstone, and the like!
So the Devil devised a plan to torment those pitiful, comfortable, BORING humans. He unleashed the Curse of the Eternal Night, a powerful spell that awakened bloodthirsty monsters across the realm.

The humans, however, quite liked their boring little lives. They weren’t just going to sit idly by as monsters destroyed the kingdom… So they called upon a masterful wizard – the only sorcerer powerful enough to put an end to the curse.
The Devil – enraged, yet still a little bored – retaliated by summoning the soul of Jack into the skin of a pumpkin. He then sent Jack to the kingdom with one mission: find and destroy the wizard.

“Thus, Jack would become the center of the ongoing conflict between humans and monsters…”


Pumpkin Jack is a 3D platform game based on unique game mechanics that make the gameplay highly varied and intense.


These dynamic real time battles call for strategy as well as reflexes. The player must master the arts of dodging, timing, and movement to vanquish Jack’s foes. Jack can utilize special abilities or choose the correct counter weapon at a critical moment to defeat his opponents!

Will you pick the Axe, the Fork, the Shotgun? Or something else entirely..?

These puzzle sublevels, entered by finding pumpkin-shaped pillars, focus on physics, gravity, and reflection. In each room you are presented with a riddle, and only finding the correct solution will allow Jack to progress. In this mode, you inhabit a pumpkin to roam around!

Burn books, hammer some moles, create a path for magic spheres... and more!


The enchanting quality of Pumpkin Jack comes from its haunting universe and its strong artistic direction.

All the settings carry a feeling of epicness and drama with eerie Halloween-themed environments. Indeed, the player journeys through 7 different levels, each with its own atmosphere.

Wander through apocalyptic fields, before exploring a town torn apart by evil... and much more!

Pumpkin Jack invents its own unique cartoon universe inspired by the classic PS2 graphic style, brought up to date thanks to the latest technology.
Jack’s world comes to stunning life through the combination of a sumptuous, vibrant palette and a wide range of color tints. Players are further pulled in through high quality lighting effects and a meticulous attention to atmospheric detail.

Feel the nostalgia of old platformers games such as "Jak & Daxter" & "MediEvil" while today's technology gives life to an all-new spooky-scary universe.

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I saw the game available on the epic store! Congrats on the release. I played the first demo and though the game was fantastic. Will definitely be making a purchase soon!

Where is the game :'(




I removed it from the store as we get closer to the release date. I'm really sorry :(
But you can wishlist the game on Steam so you don't miss the release before Halloween! :D


Oh very nice! Got it, thanks for you answer.

Any chance you'll be adding it back? I've been wanting to download this for months but just got a PC today (I only had Macs before) and when I went to finally download the demo, I was really depressed to see it gone!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks so much! Downloading now!

What about those of us that purchased  it here? Its no longer available to us. I had a drive crash and now a game for which I paid is gone forever. I intend on buying the full version but still I paid for this title in its early stages and now the files are gone.

Omg I'm so sorry about this. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix this except remove the download button. Once again, I am really sorry. There is currently a free demo on Steam that you can try. :)

This is a really cool game but could you add a cross hair for motion sickness and I had a few problems with the menues (I couldn't turn down sensetivity and at the end I couldn't input my email). Other then that this is graphically amazing, fun and impressive for a solo developer.

p.S. my emails: cade2708@gmail.com for when that next demo comes out

Thank you very much! I will definitely add a crosshair option. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Did you get motion sickness because of the head bobbing?

I don't know if the sensetivity is normally as high as what it was for me (even the slightest of movement would spin the camara really quickly), but just the constant and rapid movement even when just walking around made it hard.

I watched someone elses playthrough and their sensetivity seemed nice and fluid so it must have just been a bug for me being so high, hopefully that gets ironed out because I really enjoyed the demo (except the sickness enducing 360's)

not bad it is fun! I would recommend a block and config of what to press Q and E are hard to press wen running left keep working on it i think you have sum thing here.

Thank you very much! You're right about the config but unfortunately this is the best combination I can get on a keyboard. I would recommand to use a gamepad for a better experience :) Though, you can change the key binding anytime in options ;)

Nice little game you got there. I enjyoed myself. Would had been cool if just a bit longer. Here is my video. If your interested.


This game is amazing, I played it awhile ago (+-4 months ago) and I can't wait for the full game to come out on Steam! Keep up the great work, also can't believe this is solo developed.


This game looks absolutly amazing already! Can't wait for the full game. Saw from Teals video you might be interested in some voice work? Would love to hear something about that if you need some people : P

I'll definitely need voice acting some time in the future, but for now it's not the priority! Thanks so much for you kind comment!


Ofcourse, first making the sure the game feels amazing the whole way through is priority number! :P


idk what to say this game is soooo good

Thanks dude! There's so much more to discover in the release next year! 


is demo?

Yes, this is a ~15 minutes demo


thanks man!!!


Very fun great game Combat is great platforming is fun cant wait for more worth the donations hope it helps. Great work!

Thanks so much! Yes, it really helps and it also means a lot to me! It's greatly appreciated <3


This is delightful! I wanted to do a special lets play for Halloween and this demo definitely fit the bill. Been following you for a few months now and I'm looking forward to the final game!

Thank you so much for playing the game and showing it to your viewers! I hope that what you saw since you're here pleases you :)


I enjoyed it a lot! The art style is phenomenal, too.


Don't know how I forgot to put this here, it's most likely out of date now but maybe it'll make someone want to follow this AMAZING game!

It's never too late to share your gameplay of Pumpkin Jack! Thanks so much for playing & following the game :)


always my doods, I'M the MOST amped for this game's release so I'll be ready :D


Really can't wait for this game to be out really haven't played a game like this since 2008 don't understand why this type was dropped.

Maybe Pumpkin Jack will resurrect this trend? We never know! 


I love it. I've been dying for something in the vein of Jak & Daxter for a while. While it doesn't seem like publishers think those things will sell anymore I'm glad someone does. I'm looking forward to future updates.

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The meta data (what you see when you click "More information") does not list platforms, and it is not downloadable via the itch player. This indicates that the files haven't been marked as operating system/platform executables in the project's settings. The itch player only allows downloading of games if the builds are marked as executables for the associated operating system.

These settings are also automatically applied if a butler upload's channel contains platform names. For more information, see "channel names" here: https://itch.io/docs/butler/pushing.html#channel-names


Hi! Thank you for pointing this! I just fixed it. :)

I just donated 7 bucks to this game to get the demo and it wont let me download the demo. It keeps telling me there are no files associated with this game WHY ?


I'm sorry for the inconvenience, this shouldn't happen and the donation is not necessary to try the game. 

I just tried and the download works so I don't really understand what happened in your case, but if it's still not working, here's a GDrive link where you'll find the demo files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15onNP0OIqyuf710Smfyxmc5C41kBtBxe/view?usp=drive...

Once again, I'm sorry for your troubles. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the game!


This game is so frickin awesome!!!

Btw Pumpkin Jack kinda looks like Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider DLC idea)

Thanks a lot!

Let's try to have a partnership deal with Marvel then ahah!


This game is epic


I have been following the game on Twitter for quite sometime now, and was really excited when I saw that there was a playable demo available. I jumped right at the chance to play the game, and I am glad I did. This game has a lot a promise to it. It enjoyed playing the demo and was upset when the demo ended. I would love to play this game when it comes out completely. It is definitely in my book the successor to Medievil.  

In my video posted below, I just play the game with no commentary. For those of you who are into just gameplay videos.


Wow this game is fantastic, definitely the best free game I've played on Itch so far. If you're thinking about trying it, DO IT. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the whole way through; everything was on point from dialogue, to atmosphere, to gameplay! It's insane that this was all made by one person, props to you Nickolas Mey! I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one and I made sure to sign up for any additional demos. 


loved the game very fun and it looked and played very well like something you would pay full game price for. this game is very good and has a good start. i hope i get to see more and cant wait for full game! love the charterers and how they interact with each other it would be really cool if you could give them voices. also really liked the puzzle section and how you had to play them cant wait to see what else you do with that its really cool!! i like how you get to use your crow to fight hope to see more of this and see what other abilities you can get!



Wow wow! Thanks a lot dude!!

I really hope you'll enjoy the full game when it will be released <3

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Amazing game

Thanks :


I love This Game!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akDOoR4RuEM

Thanks! For your kind words, and also for your gameplay! 

Thanks for this awesome game!


This is so Medievil. Like it!

Yes the game is... MediEvil, but not exactly MediEvil, but a little bit MediEvil nonetheless... Thanks anyway!

Deleted 2 years ago

Check out this video guys, I really enjoyed it and you shouldn't miss it!


Holy crap balls you made this by yourself?? that's freaking sweet.

I did a video showing some gameplay and how to pick up birds

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Holy crap! This is good the camera controls are amazing they track well and it doesn't feel like a mess(COUGH dark souls COUGH) the movement is very smooth very well done I feel like I have total control and that is amazing and there is only one guy working on this WTF is Triple A even doing when one guy can do more than an entire team. You have to make sure to put this game in as many platforms as possible people need to see this game I have never seen a game have this level of polish in it's gameplay since the PS2 era I want to see this succeed and grow because I want to see more from you.

The combat is also really good very smooth and interesting also very easy to die if you don't pay attention although increasing boss health and damage would be nice and reducing basic enemy health would be good it takes way too long and increasing their numbers could be an improvement although all I played was the demo so I don't know if it gets better later on

NOTE: as many platforms as possible but not Epic especially Epic not even if it not exclusive also it would be a pretty bad idea as all the games on their store are being pirated to hell.
EDIT: Reason for edit I may be stupid.

Thanks a lot for trying out the game and enjoying it so much <3 I promise I will finish and release the game ahah!


OH MY GOD! This game looks AWSOME. I loved the style of medievil games, and i think it has the same style, so this is why i love this one too. I don't say, its a copy, i say, the medievil fans will instant get the collector's editon. I didn't play this for a long, cause I couldn't afford for myself, to don't take a comment. I'm just faced with the first boss, and i wanna ask, is this demo is playable just till i kill the 1st boss, or this will be continue like i could see in the trailer?-sry for my English-that's not my motherlanguage so...Pleased to wait for answer Dev(s). You did awsome work! -in the end i want to have a word for the optimalization-it's awsome. The time when i play nvidia gt 840m everything in 800x600 30fps, it could do many times 720p 100% resultion scale 45/60fps! Awsome work-again!


Ahah thanks a lot that's heartwarming <3 I want the people to feel like they felt when playing MediEvil!

I guess you managed to go to the end of the demo since your comment, but if not then yes, the boss you see is the end of the demo :) You'll be able to see more of the game in the next demos or/and in the released version!

Thanks again!


Will I be able to buy the game on Itch when the game is finished I would like to support you and Itch.

I can't be sure already, but the full game probably won't be on itch.io :/

Any hope for GOG at least I don't like using Steam I hate their client and all the bullshit surrounding it.

Deleted 1 year ago